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    Maibock Alcohol Content: 7.0% Alc. by Vol.
    IBU: 23
    Color: Golden Brown
    Availability: April through May on draft and in bottles
    Awards Won: Gold - 2012 US Open Beer Tasting Championship

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  • Bayern Maibock is the typical Bavarian spring-opener with lots of body and more. The color is golden brown and if you like malt flavor, this is it. Bayern Maibock is very malty and very easy to drink! This beer is brewed with two-row Harrington and Munich malt, has a moderate amount of Hallertauer and Saaz hops and an alcohol content of >6.5% alc. by vol. (starting gravity > 16 degrees Plato o.g.). Bayern Maibock is available in limited quantities on draft and in bottles. Please don't underestimate its potency and don't drive after enjoying Maibock.

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