Expand your beer brain beyond its boundaries with the new Inconceivable Series from Bayern.  We are delving into an uncharted territory, a place where rules have yet to be made.  We’ve let our creative juices flow, innovating new beers using various brewing techniques woven with experimental hops while staying within strict accordance with Reinheitsgebot.  Bayern is bringing the variety of the taproom to wherever your next adventure takes you.

To find out more about what you are drinking you need to do two things.  First you must look on the side of the bottle and get the expiration date (there are 12 letters and only 12 months in a year).  Match that expiration date with the specific date range on the website.  Once you have a match you will be able to find out more about that specific installment of the Inconceivable Series.

*Expiration date is 100 days after the bottle is born

April – July 2017

Inconceivable no. 2

Alcohol Content:
IBU: 70
Color:  Golden Pale
Availability: Year Round

Brewed with European-style two row Pilsener and wheat malt for a crisp, clean finish on your palate.  The three mash process concoction surprises both senses with a bold bitterness, derived by the use of Denali hops and a lemon, mint, slightly melon aroma introduced by the Lemon Drop hops.   Summer is coming.

March – May 2017

Inconceivable no. 1

Alcohol Content:
IBU: 54
Color: Light Golden
Availability: Year Round

This single malt base beer allows the 4 different hop varieties to really shine.  With citrus notes from Denali to tropical fruit aromas from El Dorado, Calypso and Huell Melon.  You wont know you are drinking a 54 IBU lager.