Jürgen Knöller


Jürgen Knöller was born and raised in Bavaria, Germany about 25 miles away from the Neuschwanstein Castle in Füssen, (you know, the famous one that was copied for Disneyland). Germans call Bavaria "Bayern" and that is where the name of the brewery comes from.

Jürgen discovered his passion for beer in his early teens, which is legal in Germany. He started brewing as an apprentice in Kaufbeuren in 1978, graduated as a professional brewer in 1981, and spent four years as a journeyman brewer before going to Doemens' Masterschool for Brewing and Soft Drink Technology in Munich. Jürgen graduated in 1987 as a Masterbrewer and was hired as the brewmaster for Bayern Brewing in Missoula, MT. In 1991, he bought Bayern from the original owner and has been in charge of Bayern Brewing ever since.

In his spare time Jürgen enjoys motorcycling, traveling, reading and beer.


Thorsten Geuer


Diploma Masterbrewer, B.Sc. Thorsten Geuer served his apprenticeship as brewer and maltster between 1996- 1999 at the "Hofbräu Früh" brewery in Cologne, Germany (actually called "Köln " in the German language). This brewery is arguably the worlds first and most prestigious brewery to have brewed "Kölsch " beer, the beer of Cologne.

After graduating as a journeyman brewer he interned with Bayern Brewing the summer months of 1999 before starting his studies in Berlin, Germany, at the famous brewing college VLB Berlin. He graduated in summer of 2002 as Diploma Masterbrewer with a Bachelors of Science degree. He had stayed in contact with Jürgen during his time at college and wanted to come back to Montana so, when he was offered the position of Brewmaster, he accepted, and the rest is history...


Katie Jacobson


Katie is the Food & Beverage Manager and has been a part of the Bayern family since 2003. She is responsible for over-seeing the daily operations of the tap room as well as the new addition of the Edelweiss Bistro. Her favorite aspect of the job is being part of such a fun and thriving craft brew industry.

When she's not slangin’ brews, making gift baskets, or selecting swag for the tap room, she enjoys biking, running, theme parties, and vacationing to Mexico at every opportunity. She looks forward to seeing you at the brewery soon! Cheers


Shawna Chandler


Shawna has been a part of the Bayern team for over 6 years now. She's worked mostly in the taproom but is now venturing out by doing the Social Media and Marketing. She enjoys keeping people updated on the events, attending the events, and hanging out with everyone that joins us.

Whether it be a brewfest or a huge event she loves the planning and preparation and being able to see the people enjoy what we’ve created. Her favorite part of the brewery is the family atmosphere and the friendships that have come along the way.

When she's not pouring beer, harassing the customers, or keeping up on social media she enjoys hunting, fishing, and anything outdoors.



Sarah Gaither


Sarah is the kitchen manager at the Edelweiss Bistro at Bayern Brewery, Missoula's only German inspired restaurant. 

Born and raised in Montana to a family with German heritage meant that German food has been a familiar dietary staple throughout her life.  Although her mother's sauerkraut is arguably one of the best in the state and she has watched it be made several times, Sarah did not find her culinary voice until she moved out on her own and began cooking for herself.  She has also enjoyed baking from a young age and most of the sweet treats that you may find yourself enjoying at the Edelweiss Bistro were most likely made by her. 

Sarah brings to the kitchen a sense of order works closely with Juergen to ensure that the dishes being served from the bistro are true to Juergen's Bavarian roots and will be something new and refreshing for our customers to enjoy. 


Joe Berryman


Joe is a 37 year old Gemini from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He started working with the brewery in 2006.

Joe's favorite aspect of his position at Bayern Brewing is spending time with the clients who over the years have become a second family to him.